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I have been studying art and media related subjects since secondary school. It was one of my first choices in what I want to study since I arrived to England. However artistic, talented and creative Poland is, we don’t tent to study or get involved in media and photography until university and I’m not sure whether I would be on that path if I stayed there even though I was very much interested in media; from animation to photography and anything that makes the ordinary looks extraordinary. Living in a small town in rural Poland I have been surrounded by somewhat plain and yet stunning imagery; the beauty of nature and man however I have also been one to spend a lot of time inside by my computer. Id like to say that my grandfather who was a brilliant photographer was the inspiration for my artistic ventures however that isn’t true since I have no memory of him; it was my parents who gave me complete freedom to do whatever made me happy. I ended up studying arts and sciences; two radical and yet similarly magical subjects.

I never had a proper idea of who I wanted to be. Now following the art and media route the choice was narrowed down and yet I’m still unsure which is why I had to look into all the job roles that would suit me. Here are a few short descriptions.

Camera Op

Main Responsibilities:

  • Operating and maintaining the camera equipment
  • Working with the director and cinematographer to achieve the visual style of the film
  • Working and communicating with actors and other camera staff departments(creativeskillset, nd)

They work closely with directors and cinematographers and are the first ones to see what the film might look like through the camera lens. They are responsible for other camera related staff and the equipment before the shoot. They work closely with actors and performers to guide and inform them about the shot types and what can and cannot be seen on screen. Camera operators takes care of the camera operating side of things to let the director and DoP have more freedom and time to concentrate on other parts of the shot.



  • Creating the visual look and film of the film
  • Working with the director, camera and lighting crew
  • Managing all aspects of filming(creativeskillset, nd)

Often started off as a camera operator, a cinematographer has to have excellent knowledge of the equipment as well as the visual and artistic vision to make quick, good, educated decisions. He works with all departments to create a specific look and feel of the film as discussed with the director. Working through out the whole production process to “put themselves on the screen”, their life experiences and style into the film(Porter, 2016)


(Assistant/) Photographer

  • Assisting the photographer with the shoot
  • Doing all that is necessary to make sure the photoshoot runs smoothly
  • Have knowledge of photographic software and hardware
  • Interpret stories and ideas through imagery
  • Appreciation for shape, form, colour and tone
  • Experiment and explore new ideas and techniques(Creativeskillset, nd)

Assistant Photographer aids with the shoot, making sure nothing goes wrong and the photographer doesn’t waste time with often time sensitive shoots. The photographer, no matter of his area of expertise, has to be creative and knowledgable to make quick decisions which make his images stand out from the rest. Creating enticing and interpretive works, exploring underlying ideas and thoughts.


Graphic Designer

  • Creating visually striking images, designs, projects
  • Working with clients to satisfy their briefs and create stunning outcomes(Creativeskillset, nd)

Using their knowledge of designs and artists past and present, they create imagery/projects to a clients brief that is both beautiful, enticing and informative.



A person who is self employed and/or is not tied down with one employer for a long contract. You can be self employed and not a freelancer but can’t be a freelancer if you’re not self employed. More often than not working with multiple clients. Freelancing requires dedication, confidents and possibility of working on things outside of your comfort zones, learning new skills and consulting with outside sources(Creativeskillset, nd)

Thats a list of potential jobs I would like to be doing, including the possibility of having my own business/being self employed and mixing all my skills old and new to best fulfil the briefs of potential clients.

I need to start with a portfolio that reflects this and create a network from which I can benefit and which can benefit from me. I’m not one that creates contacts easily however I’m also always up for a challenge and rarely say no. I have not been as productive creatively the past years as i would have hope however I still have plenty of time to catch up on that, learning and improving with every piece I make.

Being a media producer(of any kind) is rather different recently, more and more people work freelance, up to 30% according to Creative Skills Workforce Survey and a massive 90% of those are working in film. Looking at artists today we can notice a rise of mixed media in all areas. No one is simply a photographer or a digital artist, they all merge in all kinds of ways. Learning and sharing each other skills, being flexible and being able to learn new transferable skills across the whole spectrum is important in the industry.

I have entered the industry of massive change and uncertainty when it comes to work, one minute you’re in, the next you’re way behind. Everything changes, mixes and evolves which is why I love the arts. Its a mix of knowledge of the past, present and evolution into the future throughout the arts. Learning new skills, encountering new and different people and mindsets and learning from them is what will make you not only a better person but also a much better artist and potential employee. Internet is a bit part of this, it has never been so easy to share ideas, learn new things and discover new possibilities. It is now a case of differentiating the good from the “bad”, the professional from the amateur.

Since it’s beginning I have been fascinated with the blogging website tumblr.com. It allows for the creation of “communities” without actually confining to set forums or strict memberships. You simply follow all that you enjoy seeing, from humour to fashion, new and exciting artists, to works of art from all around the globe. It has been my way of getting inspiration and learning about the arts for some time now. It’s a way to share your own work with the world, whatever your field of work or professional standing, from the youngest and latest artists to big corporations. That is one of the reasons why I chose to set my professional portfolio on this website, with a massive community and large flexibility with design I believe its the best way to both show off my work to potential clients as well as share it with the world. I have also decided to buy a domain in my name, konradmaselko.co.uk to distinguish my blog and make it into a fully functional and professional portfolio.

Personally I don’t use social media nearly as often as a media producer should however I have been a part of or recently joined a few to expand my social media network and help me with networking with people in similar fields and/or from all around the world.

As any professional should, I have created a LinkedIn account where after filling in all my information and adding contacts I was able to search for and contact people from my field. The site itself sends me emails weekly whenever they find companies which are looking for people in my fields. I’m still an unexperienced person however I believe as I get older and get more experience and fill out the profile as I go, I will be able to receive more and more opportunities. Not to mention LinkedIn often acts as a CV for many job applications which is useful when looking for opportunities as all the necessary information is right there when needed.

I have also joined a plethora of facebook groups that help with up and coming media creators as well as look for potential job applicants, some of which are “call the shots” and “Professional experience Opportunities”.

Those sites being the ones I use the most I have concentrated on keeping in contact and searching through mainly those. I also have Twitter, google plus, instagram etc however i am not as efficient or proficient in those to advertise myself and network well. I am gonna have to brush up on my social media skills because it is one of the best way to contact clients from all over the world.

Networking has never been a good skill of mine which is why I have taken a course in effective networking skills for which i have created a networking map of people I know and would like to know as well as how I am gonna go about doing so:


I realised that making said maps and looking ahead is vital to success in this career. Whether thats for networking itself or simply developing yourself as a person. Making sure you are always on track and ahead of the competition. Never stop learning and creating new and exciting works of art within your field, without fearing of going and doing the unknown which is the only way to truly develop.