Reflective report

I have to admit, I did not have much motivation when starting this module, this might have been caused by the dramatic change caused by coming back from a year abroad or the fact that I’m still not used to writing regular blog posts to document my research. I was never able to properly show off my research skills or development because of that. My mind often jumps from one idea to the next without a definite link between those two, which made it hard to document.

At first I found it really difficult to get into the research of the subjects that we were given, especially the first artifact which was about fiction and writing our own artistic works and then reimagining them in a creative way. Surprisingly I believe I did well with my 100 word fast fiction even though the research was quite limited. I needed to get back into the research mood because I always loved doing research. There are many things I find fascinating and while looking up information on certain subjects I just jump from one article to another, getting lost and going off topic multiple times, which can be problematic.

I found some of my motivation coming back while doing my “beauty’ research. It is such a broad subject that I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to cover the obvious definitions and ideas of beauty, concentrating on the looks of people. Then the looks of other things and how things are represented in media since everything produced for the mass distribution is a product to be sold and therefore it has to be “perfect”. This led me to research into perfection and symmetry in humans as well as arts around the world. Then I jumped into the beauty of imperfection and the idea of beauty within and the beauty of the flaws. This jumping around, finding out more about the subject made me more determined to research and develop both the work and myself.

The last artifact just consumed my thoughts and life (quite literally) however I still see loads of things to improve upon and research.

I believe I improved my blogging and researching skills throughout this module, even though my mind still makes random connections, I’m able to express that in my writing. I still have areas to improve upon such as time management because I often left the work for last minute, which made my research looked rushed and condensed while in fact I was spending hours watching and reading material and then making sense of it and making connections in my spare time.

I believe university is the time and place to make mistakes and experiment and do all kinds of things that might eventually end up failures however this way I can learn and show a different side of me, both to my peers as well as myself. Getting out of my comfort zone was one way that I challenged myself to do something different and thought provoking and I think I succeeded to some degree. Hopefully my Live Stream experiment showed that.

I’m sure all of my artifacts and research could be vastly improved. There is always room for improvement in any work but in my artifacts I would start by doing much more primary research. I would like to talk to the general public as well as the experts of their arts. Poets, writers, filmmakers and creators from all aspects of art departments could give a valuable perspective on a variety of subjects but once again my self-organization failed and I didn’t manage to get it that at this scale this time.

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