Artefact number one: Flash Fiction

She held his hand, as if letting go was the end of the journey. In a way she way right. He had no control, everything was wrong, whatever could have gone awry, did, and yet here he is. Happy, at the right station. He couldn’t let her love stop him from experiencing it.

What now? – he screams in his head.

He’s at a new chapter. Clean slate. Blank canvas. Where to go from now? So much is new yet nothing had changed. He fell in love with him and there was nothing he could do about it.

I decided to write a 100 word fast fiction based on the memory/a life event of my good friend. After reading some fast fiction I noticed that most of them are shock based. Creepy, deadly, full of horror with a big twist at the end. I wanted to do something slightly different. I could have easily change the last sentence to something more sinister. Such as a suicide. The story leads up to it. It could easily fit into the genre of fast fiction but I wanted to keep it away from that. I wanted it to keep more to the truth and yet still be quite devastating; on a different level.

David Gaffney is a short story writer and after following his tips I managed to write a story that i’m happy with. I thought of using just one character however I believe mentioning the other character at the beginning might make the audience think about a broader story. About the consequences of every person involved and how it all may affect them.

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